Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry Activities:

Sunday School Classes

Each Sunday morning at 9:00 AM there is a class for all ages with age appropriate lessons. This begins with an Opening Time with singing and Bible memorization.

Summit & Preschool Classes

Every Sunday during our Worship Service, we offer Summit, which is an opportunity or kids in 1st through 5th grades to enjoy a lesson just for them. They will begin the service in Worship with the adults and are released to their class after the first song.

There is a class for the preschoolers and kindgarteners to learn about God, enjoy worship time, and an activity to reinforce what they have learned.  Unlike Summit, these classes begin at 10:30 when the main Worship Service starts.

Vacation Bible School

One week of the summer is filled with activity.  We begin on Sunday night and meet through Thursday night.  This is a great time for outreach and fun.  We have singing, Bible Adventure Time, games, crafts and FUN!