Life Groups

Life Groups

Westgate Christian Church LIFE Group Ministry

Watch for details on Life Groups starting soon.

Contact the church office at for more information.


What is a LIFE Group?

A Life Group is a small gathering of people who meet together to study the Bible, encourage one another, and share their lives as they grow in Christ.

Why do we have LIFE Groups?

At a church as large as Westgate, it’s easy to feel left out and disconnected from others. Life Groups are the best way in which a person can feel they are a part of the larger church family and yet also feel a sense of belonging in a world where many relationships are superficial.

What will happen at my Life Group?

When you meet you will study the Bible, pray together and build relationships with the others in your group. Your leader will help guide a discussion that will help you discover what God wants you to know from His Word.

As you study together you will find loving acceptance and support from others, but also eat together, laugh together, do fun activities together,and serve the Lord together.